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Video Marketing Success

You already know how crucial videos are in your inbound marketing strategy, and at Platinum Media we specialise in helping HubSpot Partners create their own (and their clients') testimonials, case studies, social media and “animated explainer” videos, all of which can be easily integrated within HubSpot for detailed tracking and analytics data.


Platinum Media pioneered web-based video nearly 10 years ago, and has B2B experience across many vertical sectors, including technology, leisure and not-for-profit. Video and motion graphics is an essential tool that you and your clients can’t afford to neglect, and at Platinum Media we deliver outstanding solutions for all business types, campaigns and budgets.

This page is exclusive to HubSpot partners and outlines some of the best video offers available!

Popular Video Production Solutions

Case Studies / Testimonials

This is a fantastic way of introducing potential customers to your existing clients and services you provided them, offering a great two-birds-with-one-stone impact, demonstrating your company persona, a showcase of trusted and trusting clients, calls to action, and detailed and personal stories that help new prospects to visualise engaging with your company's services.

Includes: ½ day filming, 1 video up to 3 mins in length, high quality title slides / graphics, a music track and national travel. *

Prices from £1,495*

Watch an Example: Avecto Case Study for Oe:gen

Animated Explainer videos

A fun way of explaining what your business or services are about to consumers or potential customers in a concise, engaging and approachable way. Suited for people looking to take their first step into the world of video marketing as there is no filming budget required, or if your business is technical or complex by nature - animated explainer videos are a perfect way to deliver concise information about your business products, services and ethos all in under 2 minutes and at an entry level cost.

Includes: 1 animated text and image video up to 2m15s in length, a music track and a professional voiceover artist recording.*

Prices from £995*

Watch an Example: Business in the Community

Watch an Example: RCM Social Media Video Series

Social Media video series

For those who want to focus on creating a larger volume of content for comparably priced, basic video series packages for social media. This type of video production is best suited to spread different messages across several campaigns without spending any more money than an in-depth single video approach. Shorter videos with straight forward filming, where the message of each separate video is varied and self-contained. Perfect for those looking to release a steady stream of videos across a campaign over a certain time period.

Includes: ½ day filming, up to 6 x single-take videos 1-2 mins in length, high quality title slides / graphics and national travel. *

Prices from £1,295*

Other Popular Services

Video Management and Consultancy (hosting, analytics etc.)

Once you have your videos produced, it can often be confusing how best to deploy them online, best practices, how to maximise their impact, how to track their ROI, compile detailed analytics to see how they're performing, how visitors are engaging with them, and how things might be improved.

We can advise on anything from how and where to host your videos, where to position videos on your website, embedding and keyword advice, and analytics data, A/B testing, performance tracking, engagement, and more!

Includes: Phone and e-mail consultation, meetings, accompanying documents and advice sheets, all bespoke to your specific needs. As web video experts, whatever you need advice on, we can help get you up and running.

Prices from £750/day*

*All prices given are representations based on the 'Includes' sections per video type - there may be unforeseen expenses attached, but similarly discounts available, from the prices given on this page, dependent on each project's unique requirements.

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