United Kingdom Emerging Talent Short Film Festival

Emerging Talent:
Want to win £8,000 for your short film?

The United Kingdom Emerging Talent Short Film Festival (UKET)

offers the BIGGEST SHORT FILM CASH PRIZE IN EUROPE (top 10 globally), with a unique manifesto which favours EMERGING TALENT and turns festival programming ON ITS HEAD.


We aren't snobby.

Things we WON'T look down on your film for:

  • What your budget was
  • Who stars in your film
  • How old you are

  • Ideas, Effort and Personality transcend budget, casting and your age.

    Big prizes - cool awards.

    Grand Prize Winner: £8,000 (biggest in Europe!)

    Silver Prize Winner: £3,500
    First Runner up Prize: £1,500
    2 x Honourable Mention Award
    1 x Innovation Award

    We see past your production limitations.

    We don't care if your sound is a bit dodgy, which camera you filmed on, or if you had a £15,000 budget or no budget at all; we judge all films THE SAME (Ideas, Effort, Personality).

    Open up your filmography.

    Maybe you have one film like an apple and another like an orange?

    As we're an innovative, welcoming and NEW festival we're opening our doors to any format, and any genre film, animation, documentary, hybrid, or music video under 25 minutes long made after 1999. Whether it's your orange or your apple, if you're not sure which we'll like, submit both! We'll even give you a 20% discount.

    If you want to submit more than two films see our Q&A for instructions.

    What inner circle?

    Absolutely ZERO nepotism.

    We won't be giving prizes to people we know, to people we've heard of, or people we've worked with before on that basis alone. It should be about your FILM FIRST, which is why we only take limited submission information to start with.

    Awards and prizes will have nothing to do with your existing relationships or experience.

    How else are we different?

    We want to give filmmakers an HONEST SHOT at winning our prizes and awards, and hold absolutely fast to:


  • Films under 5 minutes - £25
  • Films 5-15 minutes - £30
  • Films 15-25 minutes - £35

  • *For late deadline submissions - add £5 to each category

    MAIN DEADLINE: Oct 12th - Dec 12th 2016
    LATE DEADLINE: Dec 13th 2016 - Jan 12th 2017


    Time left before submissions close:
    submit now


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    I live outside the UK / Europe, can I still submit my film?

    Yes! For our first year we are only marketing the festival in English speaking countries, so although our promotional materials may not be in your language, you can certainly still submit your film. If it is a non-English language film, we ask that your online video link is for a version which includes hardcoded English subtitles.

    Does it have to be a live action fiction film?

    No! We also accept animations, documentaries, music videos, and hybrid animation / live action. Why? Because we think all these types can be judged exactly the same way, by their IDEAS, EFFORT and PERSONALITY.

    What do I have to have prepared before I submit?

    • Your film has to be hosted online somewhere so we can review it, e.g. private / unlisted youtube link, vimeo, or any other hosting platform or website. If your online video is password protected there will be a text field to include the password so we can watch your film.

    • We are taking submission fees through Paypal, so you need to have a Paypal account set up / in use.

    Are there any limitations to what I can submit in terms of what's in the film, what it's about, what genre it is, what format it's in, when it was made?

    Not really! There are no limitations to the genre or subject of the film, because good Ideas, Effort and Personality transcend genre and format. There are two exceptions; this is a SHORT FILM festival, so the film has to be under 25 minutes long, and we ask that the film was made after the year 1999 (a reasonable cutoff reflecting the rise of home computing and MiniDV cameras in that era).

    There is some small print in terms of screening your film at the event and you coming to the event, relating to copyrighted content and obscene content, see below.
    All submitted films have the same chance at winning any of the awards, although when it comes to public screening of your film at the event, copyrighted content will have to be removed or adjusted, and 'obscene content'* must be censored. If you are unable to censor the film or remove copywritten content before the event, we may not be able to screen your film at the event (though you may still win any of the prizes and awards). Also if you are currently under 18 years old, we may need to have special provisions for you to be supervised at the event and to receive the cash prize).

    *see BBFC website via this link to verify your film would qualify for an '18' certificate or lower. Anything outside of this we regard 'obscene'. See our Terms and Conditions for more information on obscene content and what you can and cannot submit.

    Can I submit more than one film / video?

    Absolutely! Submit two films easily within our super-simple submission form for a 20% discount. If you want to submit more than two films, if your total submissions is an even number (2, 4, 6 etc.) you can simply use the submission form for the discount to continue to apply, if you want to submit an odd number (3, 5, 7 etc.), fill in the submission forms, then get in touch via our Facebook page with your first and last names: we will confirm your submissions, then refund you the 20% discount for your uneven submission via Paypal.

    Who will be judging the films?

    Our panel of four established industry professionals will be announced during the submission window. When they are this Q/A box will be amended and announcements will be shared over our social media. They are all like minded people who share our values, all films will be judged on our mantra of Ideas, Effort and Personality.

    When are the deadlines and how much are the submission fees?

    MAIN SUBMISSION WINDOW October 12th-December 12th

    • Films under 5 minutes - £25
    • Films 5-15 minutes - £30
    • Films 15-25 minutes - £35

    LATE SUBMISSION WINDOW December 13th- January 12th

    • Films under 5 minutes - £30
    • Films 5-15 minutes - £35
    • Films 15-25 minutes - £40

    Do you accept submissions via Withoutabox and Filmfreeway?

    Yes! If you have already entered your film on these platforms you can submit through them, HOWEVER, if you haven't, it is MUCH EASIER to submit via our custom submission form, taking less than a minute to fill in.

    I can't see any contact info on the site, how do I get in touch?

    If you have any technical questions, get in touch by Liking our Facebook page, and sending us a message. Please note we frown on people getting in touch to introduce themselves, even if it's to tell us how amazing we are!

    What happens after I've submitted?

    A confirmation of your film's receipt will be sent to your Paypal email address (or your alternate email address if you selected one in the submission form), then you can follow the progress of the festival by Liking and interacting with the Facebook page, and you will receive an email after the submission deadline is over and the shortlist is announced telling your film made it. There will then be follow up announcements detailing information like where the festival is being hosted etc. in the following weeks.

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