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Event Filming Video Production

If you're hosting an event, document what happened, get interviews with attendees and speakers, so you can share it with the world; a killer promotional tool.

HOW IT WORKS: We travel nationally, arrive at your event early and document its key moments throughout the day, with your help and guidance taking aside key speakers or attendees and asking them questions about the day, its purpose and what the event may help with in the future. We edit together a longer first draft, and with your guidance fine tune the message of the video, and deliver the final draft.

Includes: ½ day filming, 1 video up to 3 mins in length, high quality title slides / graphics, a music track and national travel. * Longer events, or events over several days will cost more.

Price: £1,495








DISCOUNTS - Save up to 50%

Pre-order more than one video, of any type, and get the following per-video discounts applied! †

    Video 1   

    Video 2   

20% off!

    Video 3   

30% off!

    Video 4   

40% off!

    Video 5   

50% off!

There are also MORE HUGE SAVINGS to be made when filming more than one video on ONE day at the SAME location! Tell us your requirements and we will talk you through various options and budgets.

† Terms and Conditions apply to the discount offer, please click here to read our terms.

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