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Case Study Video Production

Perfect for showcasing your clients, solutions provided, and how your client feels about you. Testimonial videos instill trust and explore your services.






With either one of your representatives or a list of questions or talking points, we travel to the client, complete filming and deliver the first video draft within a few days.


The client incentives are video sections describing their business, and future collaboration plans, which also means you can arrange with them to potentially share some of the video cost.

Includes: ½ day filming, 1 video up to 3 mins in length, high quality title slides / graphics, a music track and national travel. *

Example video: Avecto case study for Oegen

Price: £1,495

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DISCOUNTS - Save up to 50%

Pre-order more than one video, of any type, and get the following per-video discounts applied! †








    Video 1   

    Video 2   

20% off!

    Video 3   

30% off!

    Video 4   

40% off!

    Video 5   

50% off!

There are also MORE HUGE SAVINGS to be made when filming more than one video on ONE day at the SAME location! Tell us your requirements and we will talk you through various options and budgets.

† Terms and Conditions apply to the discount offer, please click here to read our terms.